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The primary responsibility of the Warrants Division is the processing and execution of criminal arrest warrants and assisting other law enforcement agencies in and around Long County. When a criminal warrant is received in the Warrant Division an immediate process begins towards the execution of the warrant. This process includes recording the warrant in the Sheriff's Office computer database, identifying the suspect, and placing the wanted person on the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database. Once this process has been completed, if the the warrant is for a local address it is assigned to Uniform Patrol Division Supervisor where attempts are made to locate and apprehend the wanted person, by the deputy whom is assigned to effect its service.

A typical day for the Warrants Division includes pursuing leads, gathering information, faxing or mailing warrants to other law enforcement agencies, and ultimately affecting the arrest of wanted individuals. Often volatile and unpredictable situations develop resulting in the individual trying to resist or escape. It is not uncommon for Long County Transport Division to have to travel throughout the state to pick up individuals who are wanted by Long County.

Warrants Clerk
Mary Cooper

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 368
Ludowici, Georgia 31316

Phone Number: (912) 545-2118
Fax Number: (912) 545-2120

General Warrants Information

Question: How do I obtain a warrant?

Answer: If you have filed an incident report with Long County Sheriff's Office, you need to obtain a copy of it. Then you will need to go to the Long County Magistrate Court and speak to the Magistrate about you case. The Magistrate will schedule a warrant application hearing.  After this hearing if the Magistrate issues a Criminal Warrant the Sheriff's Office is contacted and the defendant is arrested and escorted to the Sheriff's Office for booking, processing, and bonding. The defendant will be assigned a court date to appear in the Long County State Court. The Clerk of State Court will notify both parties of this court date.

Question: What do I do if I know there is a warrant for my arrest?

Answer: You can turn yourself into the Long County Sheriffs Office. Warrants are typically taken out if you miss a court date, do not follow the rules provided to you by probation, or you have broken the law in some way.