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The Long County Sheriff's Office Investigations Division is responsible for the investigation of felony crimes committed in Long county. This division also investigates felony crimes, in conjunction with other Law Enforcement Agencies, that may have occurred elsewhere but affect the citizens of Long County.

If you have the need for law enforcement you should call 911. A deputy will be dispatched to your location. The deputy will evaluate the situation and determine if an investigator is needed.

Your sheriff's office maintains an on-call investigator year round. If an investigator is called him or she will respond to the scene.

If the deputy does not call the on-call investigator, while on the scene, the deputy will complete a case report which will be assigned a case number. The case number is unique to your case and is not used for any other event. This is how the case is tracked through the sheriff's office. Any evidence collected by the deputy will also have this case number affixed to it.

It will normally take three working days for the report to be completed. Your case will be assigned to an investigator within these three days. Contact with the victim is made as soon as the case is assigned to the investigator. However, there are some delays that cannot be planned for. Once the investigator contacts you, they will advise you of the status and will be your point of contact with the Sheriff's Office.

Currently, there are four investigators with the Long County Sheriff's Office.

Thomas Sollosi Captain
Lonnie Bowman Investigator 
Matthew Rhoad Investigator
Robert Poppell Investigator 

Georgia Bureau of Investigation

The GBI assists not only Long County Sheriff's Office, but other Law Enforcement agencies at the request of the County Sheriff or Chief of Police.