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Technology has changed a lot in a short time.  When the telephone was invented in the later 1800's it connected people that were miles apart and it changed the world.  But it then also opened the doors to scams, telemarketing, soliciting, phone sex hotlines, and gossip.  Today we have the internet, connecting the world, creating jobs, and causing the same troubles as the phone once did.  Crime evolves as all things do, in order for criminals, thieves, and scam artists to survive, they had to get smarter.  But in this age of computers it has become easier and quicker for your identity to get stolen.  We here at Long County Sheriff's Office would like to point you in the right direction, to safety while you ride on the information highway, the only highway that you can go as fast as your Internet Service Provider will allow.


The current scam going around is a "voter registration" form sent in the mail. A copy of the letter is below. DO NOT fill this out and send it back. This is a scam. 



Tip Number: 1
Don’t give out personal information about yourself, your family situation, your school, your telephone number, or your address. 

Tip Number: 2
Be careful in chat-rooms not everyone may be who they say they are. For example a person who says "she" is a 16-year-old girl from Texas may really be a 50-year-old man from California.  Or they may use any information you give them to scam you or others.

Tip Number: 3
If you become aware of the sharing, use, or viewing of child pornography online, immediately report this to Long County Sheriff's Office , the GBI, or the FBI. 

Each year 5 Million homes are burglarized.  A majority of burglaries are preventable.  You can greatly reduce the risk of these burglaries by making your home difficult to enter and less enticing to would be burglars. REMEMBER LIGHT, TIME, NOISE, AND PLANNING, ARE THE GREATEST WEAPONS TO PREVENT BURGLARIES!


  • Make sure that exterior lights are mounted out of reach, so that they cannot be unscrewed.
  • Motion sensitive lights are a smart buy, and are now fairly cheap.
  • Light timers are also a worth while investment, activating lights and cutting them off when your not at home.
  • Trim trees and shrubs near your home, they may look pretty, but they also provide cover and concealment for burglars.


Make a burglar have to take more time to get into your home, every minute it takes for them to try and get in, the less time they will have look, grab, and get-away; some good ways are as follows:

  • Installing deadbolts locks on all exterior doors.
  • install double key locks and deadbolts on doors with glass.  This will prevent the burglar form simply breaking the glass and reaching in.  (Note: Make sure that everyone in the house knows where the key is, should a fire happen, they will need it to get out.)
  • Place locks on windows, patio doors, and any other exterior feature that may allow access into your home.


  • Get a dog.  Does not have to be a large dog, just a noise maker.  Burglars tend to want to avoid a large disturbance.  (Remember to vaccinate and spay or neuter your pet.)
  • If you have a dog or other pet and plan to be gone for an extended amount of time, have a trustworthy friend or family member come to your home and care for it.  Should someone be trolling the neighborhood, seeing the activity at you home may make your home less inviting to a would be burglar.
  • Alarm systems are a big helper, but also can put a big strain on a budget.  Make sure that the alarm company has up-to-date directions to your home, and that you have a trustworthy friend or family as a contact in case you cannot be reached.

Animal Safety and Control

Animal Control is provided by the Long County Board of Commissioners.  Long County went many years without any means of animal control, mainly due to the financial shortfall it would have caused.  Due to the rising population of strays, and the concern of public safety the Animal Control was formed.  The animal control is an independent service and thus Constables are employed as animal control officers.  Should they require a Deputy Sheriff's assistance due to an issue concerning animal safety or the safety of the public, deputies are always ready to respond.   

Location:  US Hwy 84 (Next to Long State Prison, behind water tower)

For any questions or to report a animal issue, please call:

tel: (912) 545-2283

Domestic Violence
Message from Sheriff Craig Nobles

Domestic Violence is a crime that affects more than just women, it affects children, families, neighbors, and communities, and it can affect men to.  I, Sheriff Craig Nobles, my deputies, and my staff are committed to help all who are affected by Domestic Violence.  Please call 911 if you or someone you love is a victim of Domestic Violence.  Together we can make a difference and save someone's life.   

What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is an abusive crime that affects victims and
their families long after the crime has been committed. It takes many forms - physical, mental, verbal or sexual - and it often begins with the abuser blaming the victim for his or her own feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. Victims often feel powerless to escape the violence because of the controlling nature of the abuser. But, in Long County and throughout the state, there are systems and laws in place to protect the victims, and place responsibility for the crime where it belongs - with the abuser.

Are You A Victim of Domestic Violence?

Does your spouse or partner say things to embarrass, insult or ridicule you? Isolate you, withhold affection, or physically harm you? Blame you for the abuse or excuse the violence because of what you did or didn't do? If so, you may be a victim, or have the potential of becoming one. Now there’s help, but access that help you must acknowledge the problem.

Victim’s Bill Of Rights.

If you want to get on with a normal life, there are a few things you need to know. For example, did you know that you have a Victim’s Bill of Rights, or that you can file a temporary protection order (TPO) against your abusive spouse or partner, or that you can even be compensated for expenses incurred as a result of domestic violence?

Under the Victim’s Bill of Rights, you have the right to:

  • Notification of each stage in the judicial process, including pretrial hearings, bond, grand jury, arraignment, motion hearings, pleas of guilty, trial sentencing and appeals.
  • Notification of arrest, release, possibility of release, escape or any change in custodial status.
  • Give opinions of release from custody or bond.
  • A private waiting area during court proceedings.
  • Offer input on plea negotiations or sentence hearings and/or conditions.

Under the Victim’s Bill of Rights, you also have the right to protection from intimidation and harm. Specifically, you can file a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) against your abusive spouse or partner, which orders the abuser to refrain from harassing, injuring, maltreating, molesting, harming, stalking or abusing you or your children. It orders your abuser not to come within 500 yards of you or your children, including your home, your work, and your children’s day care or school. If the order is violated, your abuser will be arrested.

What To Do If Your TPO Is Violated.

If your abuser violates your TPO, call 911 immediately! Tell the operator that you have a TPO and describe what your abuser has done to violate the order. You should also contact your attorney or legal advocate and notify them of your abuser’s offense.

Crime Victim Compensation.

Being a victim of domestic violence not only affects you physically and emotionally - it can also be financially devastating. The Victim’s Bill of Rights gives you the right to receive compensation and/or restitution from your abuser. Georgia’s Crime Victim’s Compensation Program was created to assist victims - even victims of domestic violence - with crime related expenses, including medical bills, counseling expenses, lost wages, and funeral expenses that are not covered by insurance or other sources.

So, if you feel helpless and hopeless, don’t - there is help and there is hope. These agencies will advise you on the actions you should take - in total confidence. Regain control of your life and the lives of your children by contacting any of the following resources:

  • Tri-County Protective Services - tel: (912) 368-9200
  • Ft. Stewart Victims Advocate - tel (912) 767-3032



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